Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring The Divi Role Editor, Live Preview And Much More!

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Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring The Divi Role Editor, Live Preview And Much More!
Blog / Theme Releases / Divi 2.5 Has Arrived, Featuring The Divi Role Editor, Live Preview And Much More!
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Divi 2.5 is here, and it’s packed with some really great new features that are going to improve your experience with the Divi Builder by leaps and bounds. One of the big focuses in 2.5 was to add new features that save you time and remove unnecessary tedium from the building process. Many of these features were joined together to create Divi’s new Right Click Controls. Whenever you right click on something within the builder, you will now be presented with quick access to commonly-used functions, as well as some entirely new tools such as: copying and pasting modules from one place to another, locking content from being edited by other users, and disabling items within the builder from appearing on the front end. While I’m on the topic of saving time, let me just say that you are going to absolutely love Divi’s new Live Preview feature!

We have also introduced a brand new session-based revision system, including the ability to Undo & Redo, as well as travel backwards and forwards through time in order to revert or return to a desired history state. If you delete a section by mistake, just undo. If you change your mind, well you can redo too! If you want to scrap the alterations you have been working on for the past 10 minutes, just open up the new history panel and click back to your preferred state.

Divi 2.5 also represents a new focus towards helping and understanding the needs of freelance WordPress developers and small web design agencies. These small businesses constitute a large part of the Divi user base, and we want to add more features that make it easier to build amazing websites for their clients. This prompted us to create the Divi Role Editor, a brand new tool that gives developers the ability to control what types of actions can be taken by their clients within the Divi Builder.

Undo Your Mistakes & Redo Your Undo’s

Have you every deleted a module by mistake? Whoops! It happens to the best of us, and it can really throw off your editing sessions when you are forced to re-load the draft and start over. Such days are now behind us. In Divi 2.5, you can undo and redo any action you take inside of the Divi Builder. Have you deleted a module by mistake? Just undo it. Change your mind about your most recent Advanced Design Settings adjustments? Undo! Change your mind about your recent undo? Well you can redo that too 🙂


Browse Your Edit History And Switch Between Any Of Your History States

Not only can you undo and redo any action you take, Divi also logs all of these actions and creates a new history state for each. You can travel backwards and forwards through time to any of these history states with the click of a button. Each history state is logged based on the time the action was taken, and details about what specific action was taken are labeled within the history panel as well. All of these history states are saved as a Backbone collection / Javascript object and are not saved to your database and will not bloat your database.


Hotkey Support

It addition to being able to Undo and Redo your changes using the new Undo and Redo buttons, Divi 2.5 also introduces hotkey support for these actions. Just like pretty much every other software program you have ever used, if you make a mistake just press Ctrl + Z to undo. If you are on a Mac, press Command + Z. Redo works too. Redo your Undo by pressing Ctrl + Y on a Windows PC, or Command + Shift + Z on your Mac. You can also close settings windows by pressing the Esc key, or save your changes by pressing Enter. This is going to save you a ton of time.


Instant Previews While Configuring Your Modules, Rows & Sections

Live previews are something we are really excited to introduce in Divi 2.5. In previous versions of Divi, any changes made to your module, row or section settings had to first be saved before they could be previewed on the front-end of your website. This can turn into a big waste of time, especially when you are making many fine-tuned adjustments to a module’s Advanced Design Settings. In Divi 2.5, you will notice that all settings windows have a new live preview icon. Clicking this icon will give you an instant look at the item you are working on, complete with all of the changes you have made so far.


Responsive Testing At Your Fingertips

The live preview feature also includes responsive design testing, allowing you to see exactly what your item will look like on desktop, tablet or smartphones resolutions. You can toggle back and forth between each of these, instead of having to mess around with the width of your browser window.


Brand New Ways To Use Divi, Right Where You Need Them

In Divi 2.5, whenever you right click within the builder, there are a whole host of new features that can be explored. In addition, commonly-used features have been added to the right click menu for easy access. Now Divi works just like any standard software application, and the controls you are used to seeing upon right click are now available. We have added some new unique features as well!


Copy & Paste

Copy & Paste is now available in the Divi Builder! Modules, rows and sections can all be copied and then pasted anywhere on the page. This can be used instead of duplicating an item and dragging it into place, which is often quite difficult when you need to copy something from the top of a long page and place it at the bottom of the page. Dragging, dropping and scrolling at the same time can be a little tricky!


Copy From One Page To Another!

Copying and pasting is not limited to the page you are working on. In fact, you can now copy things from one page and then paste them onto an entirely different page. To accomplish such a task previously, you would have needed to save these items to the Divi Library, and then load them from the library on your new page. In cases where you only plan to copy and paste the item once, using the Divi Library is not ideal as it can lead to unnecessary clutter (also, right clicking to copy is a whole lot faster!).

Undo & Redo

Undo & Redo, while available using the standard undo and redo buttons and hotkeys, is also available upon right click for your convenience. If you ever make a mistake, just right click and undo.


Disable Content

Within Divi’s new right click controls is something entirely new called “Disable.” When a module, row or section is “disabled,” this item is removed from the page on the front end of your site, but remains available in the builder interface in disabled form. You will find items that are currently disabled within the builder have their opacity lowered for easy identification.

There are many reasons why you might want to disable an item and prevent it from displaying, but still keep it active within the builder for later use. For example, if you have a timely or seasonal offer you want to toggle on and off during sale days, or if you simply want to save the item for later because you aren’t 100% sure you want to commit to putting it live yet.


Lock Builder Items

An additional new feature available only on right click is “Lock.” Locking items prevent them from being edited, moved or deleted until they are unlocked. Only Administrators can lock and unlock items. If an Administrator locks items within the builder, lesser user roles will not be able to modify those items. This can be quite useful when you are working with clients and you want to prevent them from touching certain items, while still allowing them to modify others.


Renaming Modules Now Easier Than Ever

We have heard from many customers that re-naming items within the builder can be a bit tedious, especially since the Admin Label field is often at the bottom of the list of module settings. In Divi 2.5, renaming a module, row or section is now available on right click, so there is no need to dig into the settings panels to organize your page.



Divi 2.5’s new preview functionality is also readily available on right click. If you want to take a look at any module, row or section instantly, just right click and select “Preview.” This is especially useful when dealing with large pages where locating a specific item on the front-end preview can be difficult.



The Divi Builder is now more organizable than ever. Whenever you right click a row or section, the new “collapse” option can be selected to minimize that particular item. Sections and rows can be toggled open and closed within the UI to help keep large pages more organized. In addition, rows and section can now be re-named, and these names appear within the builder when a section or row has been collapsed.


Save To Library

Saving items to the Divi Library is also available within Divi 2.5’s right click controls. You no longer need to edit an item within the builder to access the “Save To Library” button.

Control How Your Clients Can Use The Divi Builder

Have you ever been scared to hand off your completed Divi website to your client? Have you ever had a client adjust settings within the Divi Builder without first learning how to use them, resulting in all your hard work getting ruined? Well we are happy to say that those days are now behind us 🙂 Divi 2.5 introduces the Divi Role Editor, a new tool that can be used to limit/control every function within the Divi Builder for each of the WordPress user roles you are using (it works for custom user roles too). Assign your client a custom WordPress user role, and then open up the Divi Role Editor to control what the user is allowed to do.

You will soon find that the Divi Role Editor gives you the tools you need to safely pass on a website to your client, allowing the client to edit pages within the limitations that their role provides. For example, you might create a role that allows your clients to edit modules, but not delete them. You might create a role that allows clients to edit only certain categories of settings, but keep the rest hidden (for example, allow users to edit General Settings, but not Advanced Design Settings or Custom CSS). You can go even further and limit individual setting types within General Settings, for example, allowing clients to edit text content within a module, but not allowing them to adjust the module’s layout configuration and design options. And those are just a few examples!

Control Access To High Level Theme Settings

At the highest level, the Divi Role Editor allows you to limit access to large groups of theme settings. For example, if you wanted to create a custom role for your client with normal Administrator privileges, but you want to limit privileges within Divi that would normally be available to Administrators, you can do so. You can disable access to the Divi Theme Options, Theme Customizer, Module Customizer and Divi Library.


Limit Actions Within The Divi Builder

Where the Divi Role Editor really shines is when it’s used to limit privileges within the Divi Builder itself. Here you have fined-tuned control over everything your client is allowed to do. These privileges are ordered by the broadness of their implications. For example, at the broadest level you can do things like limit a user’s ability to edit, add or delete modules. If you have spent a lot of time creating the perfect Divi page layout, you might want to only allow your clients to edit modules, and disallow them from even adding new modules or accidentally deleting them. In fact, you might not want to allow them to use the Divi Builder at all if you are not confident that they will be able to use it effectively.


Control What Types of Settings Can Be Configured

If a user has the ability to add or edit modules, you can define very specific rules about what types of module settings they are allowed to change. For example, a good place to start might be to disable the Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS Tabs. Beyond disabling entire settings tabs, however, you can also control the types of settings that are available in those tabs. For example, you might consider allowing your clients to edit only text content and colors within each module. These settings are very easy to understand and typically give clients everything they need to manage their own site, without giving them the ability to modify the structure or design of a page.


Limit Which Modules Can Be Used

Finally, you can also limit what types of modules are available for your client to add to their pages. It might be common to disable modules that are more complicated (such as the Portfolio modules), or modules that would be of no use to your clients (such as the Code module). Perhaps you only want your clients to be able to edit/add Text and Images to their pre-build pages, in which case you could disable access to everything except the Text and Image modules! Such a configuration, when combined with limiting Advanced Design Settings and Custom CSS within those modules, creates an incredibly streamlined Divi Builder experience! Now Divi can be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be.


Over 50 Additional Improvements and Bug Fixes

We have been hard at work, and the size of the Divi 2.5 changelog shows it! Trust me when I say that we listen to every single support ticket and feature request, and we plan to conquer every single one until Divi is absolutely perfect 🙂 There were a lot of improvements made to Divi 2.5, and a few smaller (but still notable) features were added as well. For example, I know a lot of people are going to love our improved logo and menu height adjustment options!


The Ultimate Platform For Web Designers

We believe that Divi has become the ultimate platform for freelance web designers and small we design agencies, and Divi 2.5 is the most versatile an easy-to-use version of Divi yet. The new controls we have added make building websites faster than ever before, and the new Divi Role Editor will prove to be an invaluable tool for managing client relationships.

Divi 2.5 is just the beginning, and we are looking forward to making Divi better and better. In fact, we have some really ambitious goals for Divi 3.0, and we can’t wait to start working on them!

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  1. Very interesting , guys .
    Is Divi builder is now possible to set up a semi- transparent overlay on top of the background image or video ?

  2. hii, i have DiviVersion: now.
    can i upgrade my divi to the new one?

  3. I’ve been using only the Divi theme since I joined Elegant Themes. The first version of Divi did everything I could ask for but It just keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to see Divi 3.0. At the rate the improvements are coming it probably won’t be long. You guys must dream about Themes when you sleep, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you don’t sleep.

  4. Consider this a 2×4 whack to the back of the Divi developer’s heads! (Just trying to knock some sense into them!)
    I have seen innumerable requests to either get rid of or change the footer links that Elegant Themes has in the Divi footer. These requests have been ignored for years!
    Part of being successful in business and continuing to grow is listening to your customer’s requests.
    I can understand why you might want to have links in the footer as it may help your SEO efforts and bring you a few “prospects” IF they click on that link. But you have paying “customers” asking to have the ability to remove or change them and still nothing changes!?!
    This creates bad press for Elegant Themes – when granting the requests of customers would create positive (think social media) press for you.
    As a web developer, I’ve moved many sites off of Elegant themes to a competitor of yours due to the unresponsiveness you show to your customers (known as poor support).
    Why not let everyone celebrate your “new” Divi theme by fixing a problem identified long ago and up ’til now ignored? It’s a very quick fix on your part and would go a long way toward creating good will (and press)!
    Thank you.

  5. Great job, guys.
    Does the Divi builder now allow to set up a semi-transparent overlay over background images or videos?
    Thank you

  6. How do you access the new ‘right-click’ menu divi builder functions on an iPad?

  7. I am loving Divi! Just getting to grips with it and have a question about this version. I am trying to hide header/navigation until the user scrolls down past a full width section/row. However, when I go to Theme Customizer>Header & Navigation>Header Format, I see no option for HIDE NAVIGATION UNTIL SCROLL as I have seen in screen shots. The only option I have is ENABLE VERTICAL NAVIGATION. Any ideas? I imagine I am in the wrong place or have dome something wrong (!!!), so would appreciate any help.


    • Hi Matt, not sure why that option isn’t available for you. I’d recommend opening a ticket in our support forum. http://elegantthemes.com/forum

  8. Greetings,

    I’m loving Divi … it just gets better with each release!

    One question that I can’t seem to find an answer to is this: what is the new Portfolio tab on the dashboard all about (between Comments and Projects)?

    I know how to build projects and call them into portfolios on pages, but I don’t get what this new tab/functionality is for.

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!


  9. Hey Team, with Divi 2.5 can you make digital courses on it like the New Kajabi? Or will the happen in Divi 3.0? I need something simple, easy and quick (I’m not a techi-chick). If anyone is using Divi for a membership site as an online course…I’d love to know or better yet see it?

    I look forward to your response.


  10. Guys, how I can add disqus to project page, like into post page ?

    • Hey Vladimir, make sure you have checked your settings under Settings > Discussion and in the comments meta boxes on your individual project pages.

      • Unfortunately, it does not work.
        But I found another solution.

        May I ask another question: How to activate “search” in top menu, because I dont have this option by default (screenshot http://prntscr.com/8zotav)

        • Nevermind ! I find solution.
          The reason is incorrect Russian localization 🙂

  11. Just a quickie, in a new product , the divi product settings – page layout will not let me change it to the left side even though the options are there. I change it to the left and update and it sets it back to the right! It’s causing me a headache as my whole shop is on the left.

    • Hi Chantal

      Did you find a resolution for this? I am having the same problem since updating.

    • Hi Chantal, sorry you’re having that issue. We’d be happy to take a look and help you out with that. If you create a ticket in our support forum we can follow up with you. http://elegantthemes.com/forum

  12. Hello, short question, is there a link to the always up-to-date changelog also of minor updates? It’s now from 2.5.3 to 2.5.5 and I would really like to take a look at what changed .. I always want to know what changes whenever I make an update 🙂

    • In the downloads section of your member’s area you can view the full changelog at any time.

  13. hello. If I buy divi 2.5, is it necessary to buy handheld plugin? to have a more beautiful mobile layout?
    thank you

    • No, buying a mobile site plugin is not necessary. Divi is fully responsive and will adjust to screen size.

  14. Hello,

    Is it possible to use Page builder for front-end customizations ?

    I want my customer change their pages without accessing at the back-end on the site ?

    If yes : how ?
    If no : when (for which version) this feature should be implemented ?


  15. Great! Love it. Two questions …

    What’s next?

    And, when?!

    • Divi Builder Plugin…today.

  16. I think these changes are excellent, however:

    Some focus on the site measurement and performance on the website i.e. being able to add event tracking to CTA buttons, link clicks. Split testing content and different pages etc. This would make it the ultimate theme.

    Also, including a couple more divi builder template layout options that were showcased on the announcement (Divi 2.4) would also be quite useful.

  17. As a web designer, I’m thrilled about the release of Divi 2.5
    Great job guys! I love it.

    One feature I totally love is the instant preview. Hoping that one day in the future you will roll out a totally live design. Similar to wix.

    Alexis lennon
    Divi Web Designer

  18. Great update. Amazing job. Love the new undo feature.

  19. Hi friends!

    Have a question: slider to set the background video with sound. When you leave the slider to another page, or scroll through, or leave the site in another window, the sound continues. How do I get the sound turned off, when the slider is closed.

  20. Damn guys! You beat me to it! I was half way through my divi role editor plugin.

    I have installed the 2.5 update and nice job!

  21. I have used Divi 2.4 for a website that is looking fine! Except, on mobile devices, it seems to not open the pages fully. I cleared the cache on mobile device and the pages opened fully, but anytime I re-load, the page does not open fully again. This is a major issue for me as almost 90% of my visitors use mobile devices to visit my website!

    Has this issue been fixed in Divi 2.5?

    • You may want to check for posts on this in the forum. If it hasn’t been reported and you’re still having the issue you can make new ticket so we can help you out with that.

  22. Great Job!
    I am very impressed by the quality and features of the theme. Looking forward to using this amazing theme.

  23. Hi! I already update the divi theme to 2.5.3… I have a problem about the categories in the post. I already make some categories and it doesn’t appear in the divi builder Fullwidth Portfolio Module, the include categories there is still blank. what should I do? thanks 🙂

    • Hi, I’ve got exactly the same problem as einal. With Divi theme 2.5, I chose the module “Portfolio”, but whether it’s fullwidth or grid, there are no categorys that I can chose. So I cannot display any post. Thank you for giving a hint or a link!

  24. Hi there, maybe i dident see the right comment but im running 2.4.2 and i dont get the update message.. do i need to do the update manualy?

    thanks in advance!

    Realy looking forward to use 2.5! You guys do great work!

    • If for some reason you do not see the latest version of Divi available through your WordPress admin after refreshing, you can always login here and download the latest version from the member’s area.

  25. An amazing job!
    Excellent and convenient features, thanks!

  26. Great work guys!
    Thanks!! 🙂

  27. Hello,

    I’m trying to determine what Elegant Themes plugins would be needed if I used the Divi theme.

    I’m thinking the Anticipate, Drag and Drop Builder and HandHeld Mobile plugins are not needed with the theme capabilities?


    • Correct. I’d say the essential plugins to pair with Divi are Monarch and Bloom.

  28. In the change log it says “Added captions support for the Divi galleries.” … would someone kindly explain what this means? Does this possibly mean that you can now see captions under the gallery slider module BEFORE having to click on the image to enlarge? If so that would be great…

  29. one word : A M A Z I N G !

  30. Is there a way to use a completely different font, such as Sansation, without having to resort to defining the font in a child theme?

    Also, when will you make it so that when I try to select a font in a Divi block I can see what the font looks like within the dropdown rather than having to try each one individually or printing out a “key” to what they look like?

  31. I like the undo capability
    and the ability to copy pages

  32. As a new Divi user from several weeks, I am very impressed by the quality of the theme. The fluidity of the builder is impressive and everything is easy to find and to understand. It’s very easy for clients.

    And the updates seems to be impressive too. Very talented work and team. Cheers to all team

  33. Good day. I sent an email a few weeks ago but didn’t get a complete answer. I need to update my theme but want something that will be fairly easy to switch to. I certainly don’t want to go and edit every post so that it works with the new theme. I use the Standard theme now and won’t use the giant header in the future. Also, how does the theme work with Adsense? Thanks

    • Hey Randall, it’s really hard to say how easy or difficult it will be to switch from one theme to another (in terms of how it will affect your existing content) because there are so many potential variables. The big one to watch out for in terms of content would be blog post width as that would affect any full width images you may have used in your posts.

      I can say, however, that Divi plays well with Adsense–so you shouldn’t have any issues on that front.

      Your best bet over-all would be to make the switch in a cloned/staging environment first and submit tickets to our support team for any issues you encounter. Once you’re completely squared away and have everything looking the way you want then you can put your staging site live.

  34. This just keeps getting better

  35. Gorgeous. You guys have the best WordPress theme and just keep making it better 🙂

  36. Divi just keeps getting better. Can’t wait to test drive 2.5!

  37. Looks like fun! Can’t wait to try it! Great work.

  38. This looks awesome!

  39. I am LOVING this new theme!! The features on 2.5 are amazing and will make creating beautiful, functional WordPress sites so easy… even I could do it!!

  40. I love Divi – I use it for all of my 70+ websites. The best in the business!

  41. Divi 2.5 is awesome! The desktop application-like features make it a user friendly theme. And the so-complete features will make it a very flexible theme! Want to have it so much 😀

  42. love the custom block.

  43. Used Divi lots of time, one of the best wordpress themes around.

  44. I would love an Elegant Themes membership! I will use the new Divi 2.5 to build a new website for my freelance business. I am transitioning from graphic design and large format printing to design and WordPress Dev. The new Divi 2.5 will be a perfect vehicle to develop both my own site and client sites. Fingers crossed!

  45. Looks like lots of great new features!!!

  46. Looking forward to using this incredible piece of software. Thank you so much for all of your hard work….!!!

  47. Good work Divi Team! I have been using 2.5 since it updated and it’s been solid as a rock.

    • Looking forward to the need release!

  48. Love it. thanks!

    • Division for free?
      Yes please!

  49. Awesome theme, this is great

  50. I use Divi on the majority of new sites these days, as I can be certain of a streamlined and easy process, quick development time and happy clients. Keep up the great work.

  51. awesome!
    Can’t wait to give it a spin

  52. I have just started using Divi to build a website for a friend and I LOVE IT!

  53. cool

  54. Devoted Divi fan over here! Thank you for continuing to make an easy-to-use, versatile, quality product. Every time someone asks about my site, I make sure to send them your way. Love you guys!

  55. Awesome! I’ve been thinking that I need to renew my membership so I can keep getting updates to Divi, and this would be a great way to have that happen!

    Divi is about the best thing since sliced bread, IMO. People try to tell me that I should switch to the theme they use, and I say “Nope.” every time. Then once I tell them about Divi the answer is generally “I’ll go check that out.”

    I think Divi has revolutionized how Themes are going to be made from now on. I love that I can change the whole look and layout of my site without having to switch themes, and it’s all so streamlined that I don’t have to spend a lot of time messing with it!

    Great job! 🙂

  56. Great work Nick. It just keeps getting better.

  57. It’s nice to be a part of something that is leading the way in it’s industry. And always trying to move forward

  58. Sounds great, can’t wait to try!

  59. Yay! I’m about to get started with revamping my website using Divi.

  60. best looking themes forsure

  61. I think this looks awesome but I am confused on the payment it says no fees for the 239.00 yearly package and the other packages say yearly fees what are those?

  62. A very great work!
    Thanks Nick!

  63. Looking forward to using the new features and having a play around with the new updates.

  64. Congratz and thanks for all this stuff!

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  68. Just when I think Divi can’t get any better, you keep adding perfect features before I can even think to ask for them! As a designer, hotkeys are second nature to me, so awesome! And copy + paste… will be using that a ton! I am constantly impressed with the high quality of your code and unbeatable Elegant community support. You are all brilliant. Thank you so much for all you do!!

    Nick Roach for President!!

  69. Thanks for the chance..and let me win pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeee . I can’t say more… Ah.. I can.. Good job! I mean.. this is the one of the best WP theme.

  70. I’m already a huge fan of Divi, you guys are making become a Crazy Hardcore Fan of it. Love the Live preview option, Love Divi

  71. Awesome!

  72. The changes in Divi 2.5 look awesome!

  73. Really liked working with the previous versions–easy to manage and beautiful results. Looking forward in particular to the improved roles (will help one client’s editorial workflow in particular), and the undos (the only thing I missed from ordinary editor window).

  74. I hope I win I’m so excited!

  75. Looks great, well done.

  76. I’m looking forward to discovering all the features. I’ve been frustrated in the past over WP issues

  77. Would love to win a free Elegant Themes upgrade 🙂
    I’ve just started remodeling my website using Divi theme.

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  79. New to web design and wordpress. Been a java developer for travel sites for years. Looking to get a good side business going.

  80. Thanks!

  81. I love elegant themes! I would absolutely be thrilled about a free membership upgrade if you pick me. I’m a struggling start up and money is tight. I don’t want to have to sacrifice my elegant themes membership. Divi is amazing! I might be addicted 😉

  82. Wow! So many features, so much flexibility equals great possibilities…

  83. That’s a damn good looking theme and very easy to use! Great work!

  84. This update is a game-changer when it comes to using Divi for a site that clients edit themselves.

  85. Great features. All the feature will sure be help blogger or a webmaster to manage there website, for newbies and professionals.

  86. Proof that I totally trust you is that I upgrade without fear every time

  87. I’m excited about the new version however I have been so frustrated with the difficulty, I only wish there was an “on-line chat”? to actually be able to come into my computer and help me when I get stuck.

  88. Awesome!!! 😀

  89. Thank you 🙂

  90. Working on a new site in Divi, and look forward to converting my existing site in the not too distant future.

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  92. This is great news. I can’t wait to try out all the new features…still using DIVI 2.3 🙂

  93. While it’s a relatively simple thing, I’m digging the new right-click controls like copy/paste…my favorite being Preview.
    …like a kid in a candy store…

  94. Sounds like some great improvements and new features. Can’t wait to test them out.

  95. The divi2 was well ahead of other themes. The Divi2.5 is adding icing to the cake.

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    Divi makes my work life easier. And keeps my boss quite happy!

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    • Hello! another R Anderson 🙂

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    The undo & redo options are a big improvement — especially when one slips on a banana peel and accidentally deletes a carefully configured module 🙂

    Also the addition of a right-click menu on modules is another big positive! Awesome idea — great addition (will get used a lot I’m sure).

    What others said about a slider will be a good addition for a future version.

    Also — just thought of this — how much control do we have regarding width of modules where several appear side-by-side? Pixel or percentage based width settings would be very useful — and settings for padding width, which was an issue for myself and others in the past.

    Haven’t built or modified anything in divi for some time now — mainly due to the difficulties in the previous paragraph (just couldn’t get it to look the way we wanted it) … but with those width controls added — I’d be back for more!

    • PS. Specific example: suppose I want to include a spot for a 300x250px ad … I was previously unable to create a space for that size … Was also unable to reduce the width of padding around/between modules, without resorting to custom CSS — and even then it did not work consistently.

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    I am starting to feel too many updates

    – is not making my life easy.
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    • Sorry it was meant to run for 1 week, but I there was some 12am/pm confusion when I set up the end date! So extended it for one day. Good luck 🙂

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  293. Looks extremely powerful. Hoping for a chance to try it out…

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    Really cool improvement! However, do you have plans in the next future to improve the front end (features to make a more appealing web site design)? Since, as far as I can see, all these changes are made basically for the back end.



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    I am SO GLAD that I chose what has now become the number one favorite among web builders! Of all the many amazing features of Divi- the best one of all is that it just keeps getting better and better! I wouldn’t trade my Divi for the crown jewels! Thank you, Nick! Chive on!!! God Bless You All At Divi!!!

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  365. Nice. I wonder how using Divi will affect site performance especially with multiple custom posts objects.

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    I’m now using it on nearly all my client’s sites – it is so adaptable and friendly.
    Have a issue with paragraphs being dropped when going in to edit existing pages, though. Will do more testing to see if I can work out why.


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    • 2.5 Looooking Awesome! Love Divi.

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    • This is great, love the features. Can’t wait to see it in action.

  394. Excellent theme and excellent upgrades. I really appreciate the permissions for clients, and so do my clients! A lot of them become nervous if they make a change or enter a blog entry, that they could “mess something up”.

  395. SO impressed that you spent the holiday weekend stamping out bugs and releasing updates! Up to version 2.5.3 now–getting better and better!

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    Make sure it is not get bloated.

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  405. These are some amazing updates and ones that will be very beneficial. Especially Live Preview and being able to disable modules from showing on the front-end. I actually just implement a Labor Sale Module on the front page and this will be great that I can now just disable with have to Save to the Library, remove and add everytime. In addition to that a suggestion would be to have an option for modules to have time expiry. That way you don’t have to manual deactivate or remove them. They would disappear after a certain time. Themes on Envato that feature Page Builders have these options. Although I have to give it to ET for creating one of the best UI and UX page builders I’ve seen. I also hope the Font Awesome icon bugs were fixed from freezing up the module after using some of the dark versions. Thanks guys!!

  406. Thanks, really like the Undo/Redo.

  407. I am a big fan of Divi, and use it for 3 of my own sites. Happy to read about the terrific new features in Divi 2.5!

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  412. I feel that with every update of the template becomes less clearly arranged . Or is it just a matter of habit .

  413. I like the blog module. Can you display blogs alphabetically or does it only sort by date? We use blogs a little differently on our website.

  414. SORRY GUYS … the TRANSLATION of DIVI 2.5 into GERMAN is AWEFUL!!!
    I have to swith to ENGLISH to understand the CONTROLS, ELEMENTS etc. of DIVI 2.5 … WER HAT DAS BITTESCHÖN VERBROCHEN???
    If you need help localize DIVI into German, French & Italian: ASK, PLEASE!


  415. Great theme, and wonderful upgrade, can’t wait for the future releases

  416. Are you considering fixing the dependency on shortcodes? My biggest fear is that my client will suddenly decide she likes a different template and will know that “WordPress makes it easy to switch templates on the fly”, only to be disappointed when I say that I have to completely rework the content manually into a new template.

    • Hi Rob,

      We will soon be releasing the Divi Builder Plugin. It will let you retain the full integrity of your Divi built content and migrate it to any other theme. In addition, you will also have access to all of the builder’s functionality—you can edit your existing content and even build new pages and posts from scratch. Check out this blog post for a few more details 🙂

      • Thanks. In the article you pointed me to it wasn’t clear to me whether the Divi Plugin dependency would be “forever” or just until you switched the content over to a new theme. In other words, once the switchover to a new theme is done, can I delete the Divi Plugin?

        • You would have to keep the plugin activated if you want the pages created with the Builder to retain the layout and style applied by the builder. Of course, you could always use the plugin while gradually migrating your pages away from it and then remove it once you are done. Cheers!

  417. Wow! I’m not a divi user (yet) but it seems that I will be soon! Looks like divi is one of the best multi-purpose themes out there!

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  419. I’m upset that divi doesn’t have styling options or mobile and tablet as it does for desktop. Very frustrating that you have to do custom css for mobile styling.

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    Really, thank you very much ET Team! 🙂

  422. Thank you! It’s a great template, but I can not do anything from the home page. It publishes all my records as a blog, duplicate my notes on other pages, the sidebar is that I do not need on the home page, how to remove it? The E-panel is also no configured the home page.
    It does not appear in WP pages, so it impossible to configure as a whole. I’m new to this business.

    • Hi Srgey,

      You must first create your home page using the Builder and then assign it as your site’s Static Front Page in Divi>>Theme Customizer>>Static Front Page. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to review the documentation which includes both text and video tutorials. If you have further questions please open a new support ticket and we’ll be happy to assist you 🙂

      • Dustin, Thank you!

  423. I would like to see parallax for video backgrounds.Something that is too laggy with vc too.I moved to divi because its lightweight and clean.Would love to see more predefined elements added.

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    A good work needs good tools!

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  430. These updates are awesome & make this them a worthwhile investment.
    Sadly the update has wiped out my blog, so that is the only fly in the ointment at this stage.

    • Hey Scott, sorry to hear that happened to you. That definitely shouldn’t happen as a result of updating your theme as no blog post files are updated or replaced when you alter a theme. However, if you feel this is specifically because of Divi I would encourage you to make a ticket and/or post in the support forums and see if we can get you straightened out.

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  440. Just a though… I see that you have an email optin module already designed and fully functional. It connect well with Mailchimp, Aweber and FeedBurner. Would it be possible for you to add other integrations.. just like the ones you have with Bloom.

    That way you solve two problems..

    1. We could add that subscribe box to any page or side bar and push data to your specific email service provide [other than the 3 mentioned above]

    2. And… it could also be added to the landing page [blank page template] with out messing up the design and save us the money spent on adding a forms plugin like gravity forms.

    • Sure you could hack some more in, but with the Bloom plugin how necessary is the need??

  441. Hi it looks like the contact form module is now broken also. The validation always fails and it does not submit.

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    Thank you

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    It’s realy cool, i realy want to use it !!

  446. I think the code module got broken along the way, it keeps encoding html on me and breaking it (surveygizmo embeds).

  447. Very Impressive! I’m sure that Divi is so advanced now, that it could probably pour me a cup of coffee by pushing a single button. What is amazing, is that I still don’t have a simple idiot proof button or method to adjust my fullwidth slider “height”.

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    Planning more on this awesome theme soon the Divi.club will be up 🙂

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    I’m looking forward to see the Module Control Responsive, so I could change layout of divi or add elements on my smart phone.

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  469. Hello Nick, impressed with you, your team and your company. It doesn’t happen a lot that I see such an inspired group of people that want to change the WP world with great designs and passion. I can also see that in the FB group, where you have some very cool guys from all over the world working with and talking about your creations. Hope all of you guys are doing well. Wishing you the best.

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    No doubt they did.

    But it bears some serious repeating. Wow!

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    Thank you – Some great thought and consideration for designers has gone in to this, you can tell.

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    Can’t believe Divi is getting even more awesome

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    Keep up the great work on exceptional themes.
    Making life much easier on the production side.

    Thanks Elegant Themes!

  479. Love seeing the constant improvements, ET team. Keep up the great work.

  480. Since I upgraded to Divi this morning when I add new items to the primary menu bar, they aren’t showing on anyone’s computer other than mine.

    I work in Safari when I checked the site in Firefox I could not get the new menu item to show either. But when I login and hit Save Menu then the new menu item shows.

    Also slideshows in Rack Storage, Marinas and Marketing Plan were not showing until I did the step above.

    What you should see in the menu bar is:

    Home Rack Storage Marinas Marketing Plan Cuba Boating Study Tours Contact

    Also on the iPhone and iPad the “hamburger menu” is not working.

    I have created a support ticket, but client is not real happy right now.

  481. Fantastic updates Nick! Beautiful to use and incredibly productive!

  482. Awsome work guys!!! I hope I win the giveaway!

  483. Wow! That’s a whole bunch of new developments by Elegant Team. Hats off to all of you who have made these things possible for all of us 🙂

    I really love the feature where we can preview the edits instantly because I’ve wasted so much of time in editing and previewing the edits. I won’t settle until I get what I want. Another thing is you guys made it super easy for us to preview how the site looks in different device. Yes, the role limiting capability is another gift for us. Because as an active developer I know what our customers sometime do really a headache to us.

    Thanks you Elegant Theme for this awesome Divi 2.5. By the way, can’t wait to see what you going to give us in Divi 3.0.

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  487. Feature requests to save me some of the pain on these updates:

    1) Posts slider module
    2) Blog style projects/portfolio module
    3) Custom map markers
    4) Custom portfolio grid breakpoints column counts
    5) Social links in new tab (+ new tab option for any link option)

    There’s more, but these sure would be nice.

  488. Divi 2.5 is great and I can’t wait for all the other features that you guys will put out in the future. This giveaway is also a great idea!

    Great work as always Elegant Themes Team!

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  495. hey these changes are great! I particularly like the Undo, Copy and the Collapse features, this makes my workflow much faster! A Search function when selecting a module would be nice!

  496. Terrific new features! Congratulations on anothergreat release.

    I especially like the lock and user role options, which will make it harder for clients to mess up my hard work 🙂

  497. The preview, copy, undo/redo features were most useful, wish I had it earlier.

  498. It’s great to see you DO care about giving the clients options to change a bit le layout without giving them admin privileges o installing complicated and unsecure plugins

  499. You’ve made my day.
    >3 >3 >3 >3

  500. The history panel looks great!

  501. I love Divi and appreciate your support. This upgrade is very usefull for me. Thanks a lot.

  502. Hey Nick,

    I’ve been a huge ET follower and supporter for a long time. Became a lifetime member a few years ago. One of my client websites is ran as a one page site with a few external pages. There has been a known anchor/scroll issue using Divi as a one page site for working on two years (even though the method is still on the Divi Showcase).

    I’m extremely frustrated and my client is looking to stop using my services if I cannot provide a fix for this terrible design flaw on his site. I feel that I have given you guys an abundance of time to address the issue. I have always praised ET for the support and great work you guys provide the ET community, but I can’t say that about this issue. Maybe this post will make it into the right hands…

  503. A-MA-ZING !
    I love the ability to control users’ ability to change pages !

  504. I had created a custom builder module in my child theme functions.php in 2.4 and earlier, now I get a: Fatal error: Class ‘ET_Builder_Module’ not found.

    Any tips on how to ensure the ET_Builder_Module class is defined in my child theme functions file? I already tried moving my custom builder module to a plugin and still got the class not found error.

    Has the builder class structure changed significantly?

    I was told that this update would not require the maintenance of a legacy Divi 2.4 branch. I had my doubts, which are now confirmed.

    • Found the problem, I see now in framework.php line 111:
      // load builder files on front-end and on specific admin pages only.

      So when I add my custom builder module only under the same conditions, I’m good to go. 🙂

      • That’s includes/builder/framework.php to be more specific.

        and the builder element and module class structure is still the same as it was in 2.4.

        • Hi Brian,

          With the new Divi Role Editor, the framework will only be loaded when it is needed. You can use PHP’s class_exists() function in your child theme to ensure you don’t try to require the framework when it hasn’t been loaded. If you have further trouble with it please open a ticket in then forum so we can assist you. Thanks 🙂

          • Thanks for the input guys, I changed my custom module conditions according to your suggestion of just simply using class_exists() instead of copying the logic of framework.php, so I’m less likely to need to modify it on updates.

  505. Cool the Divi 2.5!

    The role contains most of the opportunity that I can give my client the Editor.
    But the Editor user can’t use some of the important features such as Widgets edit, add, edit menus, etc …

    That is why I have to give my client Administrator privileges. But now I can’t use the Divi Role Editor… 🙁

  506. Great news!!!

  507. Hello … GREAT NEWS ! Congratulations from Argentina .
    Could they solve the issue of size of the images of the Image Gallery ? What about the issue of horizontal and vertical images in the Image Gallery ? this is very important. Thank you

    • If you notice a problem that is not addressed in the changelog above, go ahead and create a ticket for it so the team can address it in a future update.

  508. Hola… que gran noticia! Felicitaciones desde Argentina.
    ¿pudieron solucionar el tema del tamaño de las imagenes de la Galería de Imágenes ? ¿y el tema de las imágenes horizontales o verticales en las Galeria de Imagenes? eso es muy importante. Gracias

  509. Is it safe to drive yet or should I wait for the first update 😉

  510. Totally in awe of features of Divi 2.5. Nothing gets better beyond a DIVI.

  511. Hi, I’ve just seen your blog post, THIS IS THE UPDATE!!! I was probably the very first person to ask for the ROLE EDITOR and this release goes really beyond my expectations. Thank you ET !!! Thanks Nick my request (role editor) of last year came now true!!!! Beside of the other improvements in 2.5. the role editor is THE ULTIMATE TOOL !!!! Can’t wait to test the new builder on my site!!!!

    Question is possible to block the go back button to WP DEFAULT EDITOR when the DIVI BUILDER is activated, so client don’t loss the design from the DIVI builder?

    ET Rocks!!!!

    • Just something litte: The E-Panel on backend is old-fashioned and needs a new design to accomplish with DIVI 2.5

      • We’re working on it 😉

  512. Just bought this theme for my site and I am really impressed.
    Excellent theme!

  513. I am FREAKING OUT.

    Awesome stuff.

  514. Everything looks awesome!

  515. Hi, the role editor seems awesome. Is it possible to completely hide the builder on pages from users?

    Or is it possible to close the builder where the short codes appear in the WordPress editor? After building out the page it would be nice to close the builder and see all of the code for easy text editing plus it is easier for my clients to see the code so they can just change text.

    Then if you want to see the builder you just enable it. It’s how Visual Composer does it. “Enable/Disable Builder”

  516. This theme just gets better and better. Well done!

  517. Excellent features. I really love it. Really much needed. Thanks.

  518. This summary makes Divi more of a framework than a theme – more than before. These changes will be absolutely loved by designers/developers. I hope that in future we could have some easy way to upload more icon fonts – their corresponding SVG files – so that there are more options within the blurb module. I know there are work arounds but it would be great to have an easy way to do this.

    A huge kudos to the team at ET. With all these changes – no one will ever need anything other than Divi to build their sites with. I can’t wait for what the next major version has to offer. Perhaps more header options and then the one that almost every one is asking for – footer options? 🙂

    Thanks again ET for the lovely job done on this one. I just have one question – none of my sites are yet showing the update as available. I just want to confirm that the theme updater will pick it up sooner than later or else I’ll have to simply download the theme. Any help here?

    • Divi Stopped being a theme at version 2.4, now it’s a framework and one of the best around that keeps improving.

    • The theme updater should have it available. I’ve already updated a few of my sites that way.

    • Got the update just while I was talking about it. Updated it and the module with the video background stopped showing the video… oops… what’s wrong here?

      • Uh oh, sorry you’re having that issue. If you’re noticing things that look like bugs, please submit a ticket and the team will look into it. If it is a problem on our end then the team will address it in an update.

  519. Felicitaciones por su esfuerzo, desarrollo y excelencia.

  520. Excellent progress! I would humbly offer some ideas. It would be great to evaluate other options for contact and subscription forms in a way that is easy to link with some of the platforms such as MailChimp, and to generate different lists of contacts, depending on the form that users complete. Thank you and congratulations for the improvements!

  521. Finally – the problem with Polish signs is fixed! 🙂

    • Yeah 🙂

  522. Comme le bon vin ou le fromage français, Divi est meilleur jour après jour.
    Il suffit de ne pas en abuser.

  523. What a great product a excellent upgrade. You always know what we need. Thank you very much!

  524. LOVE IT!! Divi 2.5 looks great! I am having a Divi site built for me and can’t wait to see it! 🙂

  525. Love this new updates! Really need to get all my sites running on Divi now!

  526. This new design is really awesome. congratulations on this achievement.

  527. I currently use Divi now and love it! This is gonna make it sooooo much better!!!

  528. Excellent usable features 🙂
    How about updating from 2.4 to 2.5?
    Is dat a do-able thing without losing too much custom settings etc?

  529. Excellent new features! Divi is a brilliant theme

  530. Un travail génial, Divi est bien plus qu’un thème, de plus en plus complet il devient comme une application qui optimise vraiment l’usage de wordpress. À suivre de très près. Merci à vous pour cet outils fantastique.

  531. Great work guys!

  532. Awesome! can’t wait to try Divi 2.5

  533. *shortcode !

  534. Hi there, the “code Module” is having a hard time to show a shortcake place within.
    Actually it shows nothing, do you need a ticket or is something that you are already aware of?
    Thank you!

    • I’m not sure if that’s been submitted yet. I’d make a ticket just to be sure. Thanks!

      • Ticket opened!, Thank you in advance.

  535. Hey guys,

    Just came across a little bug.

    Sliders are not showing the back ground images or colours. They are all white. Go into the slider module settings and background colour was defaulted to white. Had to change settings to transparent so the background image would show through the slider settings.



  536. That is good news, thanks guys, cant wait to test this out.

  537. I just can’t tell you how much impressed I am with these cool new features. I’d definitely love to have this theme on my site!

  538. Full screen edit does not work properly 2.5.1

    • Hey Warren, sorry you’re having that issue. Please make a ticket so we can take a look at it.

  539. Awasome

  540. The option of exporting layouts is missing and importing layouts not working.

    • Hey Quique, sorry you’re having that issue. If you make a support ticket we’ll take a look.

  541. Holy Moly – I think you guys can read minds! I don’t shout out much about which features I would like to have, but seriously, you guys are on top of things!!!

    I am very thankful for you and your support team too btw!

    website relaunch? wait for it…

  542. Brilliant update, thanks!
    However, all my background images have gone where I saved them in the full width row rather than as backgrounds to each slide in the fullwidth slider. Will this be looked at as a bug fix as I am reluctant to update all my other sites as I would need to switch the backgrounds to the slides on every page?
    Love everything else!

  543. Wonderful release, again!
    Two of my most missing features still are:

    1) more customizable contact forms
    2) more customizable mobile layout options

    Keep up that superb work!!


  544. The Divi theme is by far the best WordPress theme you can ever get. I have it installed on like 5 different websites with totally unique designs. Thumbs up guys.

  545. Nick this is really fantastic indeed. This makes the whole developer experience something great and you and the team should be proud of the achievements to great web development experiences

  546. Just fantastic. You guys make my life so easy. What an increadible speed of gamechanging improvements.


  547. Amazing new updates!

    I’m just disappointed that we still don’t have more control on the masonry grid regarding the number of columns. Due to that I’m still stuck with divi 2.3 on one of my sites…

  548. Fabulous work Nick, Such a fantastic functionality added in Divi. Undo, redo, file lock, copy paste are awesome. Very awesome increment and updated in Divi. Really love it 🙂

  549. Wow looks really great the Divi theme..

  550. Yes!!!

  551. Nick! You and your Team simply Rock! Thanks again for an amazing update!

  552. It is really great features in this upgrade. But do we have any feature like while-label option?

    Like creating while-labeled version theme and install in client websites?

    • White labeling is not a built in feature for Divi but there are a lot of plugins out there that allow you to white label any theme.

  553. This looks very good. Great job!

  554. Well done nice work!!

  555. Love the new features, especially copy and paste from page to page and the role editor.

  556. That’s it!
    Definitely, I am sure i am using the best tools. DIVI was already one of the best options, but your work this summer has been impressive, with 2.4 and 2.5. I am updating immediately to 2.5

  557. Fantastic update. Love the quick rename feature!

    …and the rest ;0)

  558. I updated and now i can’t see my slide images and the footer 🙁

    • See my post above.

      There is a bug in the sliders.

      You have to go into the slider module > individual slider > and make “background colour” transparent.

      For some reason the silder is defaulting to a white backgroud. Was for me anyway 🙂

      Hope this helps.



  559. VERY impressive! This is going to save me a lot of time in building, but also in fixing problems caused by users 🙂

    What’s the best way to migrate from Nexus tot Divi on a live blog?

    • Clone the site to a subfolder/development server on a its own database and change the theme over there.

      Once you’re happy with it move the site live. As always, take backups!

  560. ho my god, The Divi Role Editor is so amazing ! Thanks a lot nick !

  561. Congrats again to Nick n team! As usual, another *Awesome* update to Divi. The granular controls provided are simply too good – loving every new feature and tweak. Just wanna know two things –
    a. When is Extra arriving – the year-long wait is really killin’
    b. Will Divi Builder Plugin be able to add all these awesome features to the older ET themes too? I mean responsive and customizable?

    • Yes. The Divi Builder Plugin will actually work with any WordPress theme, not just Elegant Themes.

  562. This sounds like an amazing tool. I’ve not tried the previous version but is definitely impressed and itching to try it.

  563. Nick, I have a suggestion.

    I think it is now enough to build a business based on DIVI alone. I love E.T and have been a long time supporter, so it is great to see E.T to grow this much. But I think it is wise to separate DIVI brand from Elegant Themes since they’re both heading to a (subtly) different directions.

    What if you dedicate E.T as a marketplace for a pre-made WP themes and DIVI as a theme building tool? So people who don’t want the hassle of building a WP theme can get the themes directly on E.T, and those who love to tinker and build a theme can go to DIVI. And by separating E.T from DIVI you can have two revenue streams.

    Later designers can create beautiful WP themes with DIVI and sell them on E.T. In this way you can greatly expand your business and get high quality designers onboard.

    Let me know what you think:)

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  565. Some absolutely great new features guys.

    Top job.

    • Hey guys,

      Just came across a little bug.

      Sliders are not showing the back ground images or colours. They are all white. Go into the slider module settings and background colour was defaulted to white. Had to change settings to transparent so the background image would show through the slider settings.



      • Thanks for the heads up Shane. Would you mind making a ticket for this issue?

        • I have the exact same problem with the background on the slider.
          The background doesn’t appears. Only my PNG logo appears while it’s supposed to overlap the background image.

        • Yes, and the slider is skipping around in a weird way now too, it seems it doubles the transitions of the last and first slides.

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    you guys are making history… With this framework you’re really changing not only the face of WP but I truly and honestly think, you’re changing the way websites are made. From concept to use, from selling to edit (by your client/end user)… Hats off and a big bow to you! WOW!

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    Best All-in-One WordPress Theme.

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  571. Well done guys, are there any plans to add a folder feature to the media library within Divi or can you recommend a plugin?

  572. Well done guys, are there any plans to add a folder feature to the media library within Divi or can you recommend a plugin?

    • Good idea! Unfortunately I’m not aware of a plugin option for that.

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    With this new features it is even better

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  575. Will this update to 2.5 also fix the problem that settings in the options of the Divi-panel are lost after putting a website live after developing locally?

    • Hey Erwin, if you are experiencing a problem that is not addressed in the changelog above I’d go ahead and make a ticket for it just to be sure it gets looked at. Thanks!

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    One theme to rule them all!

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  586. Sounds very nice! I’m look forward to test it really soon 🙂 Congrats Guys

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    Man I dont own Divi yet, but 2.5 is absolutely outta this world man, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the giveaway.

    Awesome work, I mean absolutely awesome work!

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    One thing I was hopping to be fixed is the annoying gap that is automatically done once I edit a module, it goes back to top of the page, and then I need to look over all the page again to do something more in that module or a near one. I think it’s unnecessary, and seems to be a pretty simple fix to do. Please, I want to stay in the same place I was before editing!

    hope you consider this!!

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  603. Thanks Nick, love the way Divi has progressed and developed! Nice to see the effort towards a modular framework architecture. But seriously man, when the #$@^ is Extra coming out? Surely your development efforts are growing and so is the beauty and sophistication of your flagship themes and newer plugins, but release or beta test a new Mag theme already, sadly it seems you guys develop everything in a linear fashion, one, after the other and only when it seems to more or less complete (but as in Divi, it just keeps on growing), but in the last year or 2, you don’t really seem to have release any themes in parallel or maybe on slight after another, its just Divi and more Divi, hey love the product and its evolution and maturity, but you shouldn’t have to wait until one product is “totally” finished or in version 2.x and not release another product in a beta or 1.x form. Sure we know from your blogs that the Divi, builder and related architecture has changed and that this is reflected in the vaporware we know of as Extra. But truly, its time to give the thousands of developers the use and have used your products, to help test and maybe guide or at least feel they have something to contribute to the product that it is in fact, they(we) are demanding and needing. Anyway, keep up the great work and well thought out design path your building, but let the people that helped build your customer base, perhaps contribute to your companies requirements, q&a etc, and you guys at Elegant leverage the power of your clients and the cloud…

    • Hi George,

      Check out this post for insight on our production timeline and the reasoning behind it. Cheers! 🙂

  604. Well amazing work, preview was really a long awaited feature, next step is front end editing 😉
    and the undo and rightclic options is a really good surprise that can really improve our efficiency
    by the way, a little design renewal of the epanel would add a nice divi touch that would be appreciated !

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    I do agree with Adam about the footer. But, it’s minor at this point because we can remove that section with CSS and then make a global library item for a new footer section and make it more customized.

    Great job guys!

  621. Rich you can use the Module Customizer to increase the default text side of all Text Modules. Is that what you mean?

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  623. Another great update with time saving improvements…. BUT we’re all still waiting for customizable footer credits without editing files or creating a child’s theme.

    • Or paying for a plugin…….

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    Top request: Ability to enlarge the Text Module!

    Great work as always. Can’t wait to see something Extra from your crew soon 😉

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    I loved the latest update and the role editor integration is massive. Also, hope to work faster with the right click option that made me gave an “ouch” sigh whenever I mistaken delete a section or role…not anymore! Wow! Please,add background slider and overlay in Divi3.0.

    Thanks a million, hope to win a life time membership..just hope…lol!

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    The preview, especially for the Slider module will save tons of time too.
    Really glad you guys are still upgrading Divi, hope there will be more themes like Divi from Elegant Themes in the future!

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    if uninstalled, will the plugin leave behind shortcodes?

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    Nick : I wanna also another themes like Divi Features like these. Maybe at future. Your All Themes have Divi Features. 🙂

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    Thanks ET for your hard work 🙂

    Now all the Divi theme tutorials and resources are available at one place. Currently we have over 450 tutorials in the directory and we’ll add more each day. Hope you guys find this website helpful.


    * I’ve created a new category call Divi 2.5 in http://divi.tutsdirectory.com/ so that Divi users can easily find Tutorials related to this new Divi version. I won’t delete Divi 2.4 category as there are many people still using it, including my self.


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    Well done all! It reaffirms that this is the best system ever!

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    I’m very impressed at how you continue to listen to user feedback and integrate these features into the theme. You continue to provide the best value at the best price!

    I’m doubly excited about the update, since I get to talk about the new features in my upcoming Udemy course on Divi!

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    • It’s definitely on our list of things to do!

      • Nick will this be in a future version of DIVI or will it be in extra? What exactly is extra? Is it a theme you guys are working on?

      • Hi Nick
        Great job on Divi 2.5, any more screen shot updates on how Extra is coming on?


    • Nice but I think Extra will have that…being on the shoulder of ET 2+years now! 🙂

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    The feature i like the most is the disable facility. I can create a progress bar for my client and then hide and unhide the steps of building their websites 🙂

    Thanks a million

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    In regards to protecting areas from clients does Divi also hide these elements. I have found in the past if clients can see something then they want to click it. If it’s hidden then they are OK.

    Thanks again.

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    I love all the new featutes but I am a bit sad because I did not see overlay transparency background being added for section settings

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    But it seems to have a conflic when we already have installed Advanced Access Manager

    Roles Managment VS Advanced Access Manager wich is usefull to hide some menu elements

  664. Sounds awesome! You keep improving an already great system. I need to carve out some time to actually learn all this fancy stuff!

  665. Sounds awesome! You keep improving an already great system. I need to carve out some time to actually learn all this fancy stuff!

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    • Sorry, only three social properties. The rss feed is the fourth.

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    Congrats on the brilliant work… This comments section is a testament to the impact you are having in your field!
    Many Many happy customers … well done. 🙂

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