What’s this blog even about?

Well, this blog is about life. My life and everything in it. I will be talking/discussing different topics such as food, travel, marriage, TV, clothes, among other things.

However, for some time I will be focusing on infertility, loss and the impact they have had on my life. Life’s Basic Elegance (LBE) is about finding joy and elegance in the basic little things and the bigger things in life. LBE is a place where I talk about being in the trenches of life but not moving there or taking up residence in the difficult and sometimes ugly moments of our lives.

LBE is about navigating through the valley but not forgetting about the hills. So yes this is a blog that deals with infertility, miscarriage, death, and loss but it is so much more than that! It is about overcoming, being triumphant and thriving in life despite the hardships.

Welcome! I hope you’re ready for this and that you enjoy it.